Class of 2017 Naperville Senior Pictures

One of the best times of day to photograph outside is a time photographers refer to as “sweet light” time.  The sun is at the perfect angle to light a portrait perfectly if you know how to find it and use it to your advantage. Here are a couple examples of Naperville senior pictures that illustrate this perfectly. First, you find the light, then the perfect pose and background to fit the mood, composition and color harmony of the photograph. We love working with high school seniors during their senior high school photography sessions to provide a wide variety of images, including images like these. When used correctly, you can really bring out the beauty of the eyes.

We are continuing to offer by popular demand our senior blowout special.  For only $499, all high school seniors booking under this special will receive a collection valued at $1700, which includes the session, all print files and a $500 portrait package.  Call 630.355.7440 to reserve a time that will fit your schedule and your needs.

Naperville Senior Pictures Class of 2017 blowout deal!!!

The response to our Class of 2017 blowout deal has been incredible.  So, we are going to keep it going.  For only $499, we are offering a collection valued at $1700.  Call 630.355.7440 to reserve your time.

People always ask us what type of session do you recommend for Senior Pictures in Naperville.  That is a tough question to answer as everyone is so different. We can do fashion, formal, funny, frivolous, but most of all, it seems most prefer casual for their senior pictures.  Here are a couple  examples of typical casual outfits seniors wear.  After 25 years and 10,000 senior sessions, we would say these are pretty representative of what seniors wear.  We do get a fair share of prom dresses, suits and tuxes as well, but the overwhelming majority of seniors go casual.

Class of 2017 Naperville Senior Pictures Incredible Deal!!! $1700 collection for only $499!

The response to our Class of 2017 Naperville Senior Picture Blowout has been phenomenal, so we are just going to keep it going.  For $499, we are offering a collection valued at $1700, which includes all of your images, your session and a $500 portrait package.  Call ASAP 630.355.7440 to secure your time and we’ll work our back side off to give you some incredible images.

Did we mention that not only have we done in excess of 10,000 seniors over the past 25 years, but that Michael is a Certified Professional PHotographer, a designation which requires stringent testing and image submission standards?

Here are two images from recent studio sessions.  We have found that not everyone wants to go outside to do high school senior pictures in Naperville.  If that is your preference, we got you covered.

Naperville Senior pictures, we got you covered Class of 2017.

For 25 years now, we have heard all the comments and what people would like on their senior picture wish list.  We got you covered.  Don’t like scenic outdoor images with bushes and trees?  How about streets and alleys? We got you covered.  Don’t like daytime outdoor images?  How about nighttime images that no one else has?  We got you covered.  Don’t like outside?  How about inside?  Can’t decide?  How about both?  We got you covered.

For 25 years we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality product and service available and now we are doing it for the most incredible value you can imagine.  Receive your $200 session, $1,000 worth of digital print files and a $500 portrait package for only $499.  If that doesn’t get your attention nothing will.  Call 630.355.7440 ASAP to schedule your appointment.  NOw booking from June until September 30th.

Naperville HS senior pictures valued at $1700 now $499 for a limited time!

When we started thinking about how we were going to attract the Class of 2017 high school seniors, we already knew that after 25 years the quality of our photography is the highest around and our sessions are incredibly fun.  Just ask any of the 10,000+ seniors we have photographed over the past 25 years.  So, the answer was obvious: provide an incredible deal that just about anybody can see the value of.  So, for a limited time, we are offering a $1700 senior collection that includes all of the print files, the session and a $500 portrait package for only $499.

Call 630.355.7440 and reserve your spot. We are booking sessions now June through September.

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